an astounding story of interplanetary adventure

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  • A fun homage to golden age science fiction.
    — Jim McDoniel, author of An Unattractive Vampire
  • I love the setting and the crazy-ass Buck Rogers pastiche, I am 100% on board...
    — G. Derek Adams, author of An Asteroid Made of Dragons
  • This book should come with a giant bucket of popcorn!
    — A.C. Weston, author of She Is the End
  • Aww yiss. Dax. Mother. Fucking. Harrison.
    — Dave Barrett, author of It's All Fun and Games

Well, this is a damned mess...

Dax was so close to leaving the hero business behind him. He’d done his duty, saved the galaxy a time or two, and made out like a bandit with the movie and merchandise rights.

Now, Alliance HQ is forcing him to be the poster boy for their "ten years of peace" hoopla. If that’s not enough, a disgraced alien general-turned-war-criminal with an unpronounceable name has escaped from an inescapable prison planet, and he’s got Dax in his crosshairs!

Scrambling to avoid the madman’s swath of destruction, Dax finds himself stuck with a crew comprised of an overly enthusiastic fanboy cadet, an aging physician, a suspicious and tough-as-nails lieutenant, and a possibly malfunctioning AI. And they are all looking at Dax to save the day... whether he likes it or not.


DAX HARRISON, a fast-paced, swashbuckling sci-fi adventure comedy novel from Tony Valdez. Available now wherever books are sold!


Hi there! I'm Tony. Proud owner of the brain that wrote this drivel.

Hi there! I'm Tony. Proud owner of the brain that wrote this drivel.


Tony Valdez is a nerd, podcaster, musician, writer, and a skilled producer of silly faces. He also loves great stories found in books, comics, film, TV, video games and so on. He was born and raised in San Diego, California and currently resides in Orange County with his lovely wife. He misses home, but Disneyland is nice.

For book updates and other shenanigans, follow his blog at TonyVWrites.com

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Dec 2

On Saturday, December 2nd, I’ll be signing books at Barnes & Noble Fullerton! I’ll be starting at 9:30AM and hanging out through the morning hours. (Or until they say "TAKE A HIKE, YOU BUM!") Come say hi, bring your book, or grab one in-store and I’ll sign it!

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Barnes & Noble Fullerton
1923 W Malvern Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833


Dec 9

On Saturday, December 9th, I’ll be at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego! They’re throwing a holiday party with a collection of authors (including me) chatting about their books. Have some refreshments, watch me make a fool of myself with a microphone, and get your book signed! Begins at 2PM.


Mysterious Galaxy BookStore
5943 Balboa Ave #100, San Diego, CA 92111


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